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novembari 2018

Novembarimi nutaarsiassaatitsinnut Shaping the Arctic-imut tikilluaritsi.

Matumani ilaatigut makku pillugit atuarsinnaavutit: 

  • Greetings from our Fulbright English Teaching Assistant
  • Nutaamik suleqatigiissitatut ataatsimiititaliortoqarpoq
  • Tikilluaqqusilluni oqalugiaat
  • Northern and Indigenous Health and Healthcare
  • .. allarpassuillu




Greetings from our Fulbright English Teaching Assistant

Atuakkiortoq: Augusta Finzel;

"When I arrived in Greenland in early September, I didn’t know what to expect. It was only in June that I found out that I would be in Nuuk for the school year as a part of the newest extension of the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship program. Prior to finding that out, I had just returned home after graduating from Lawrence University in Wisconsin to the small rural community of Morris, Minnesota in the United States, where I grew up. Growing up, I was always curious about what lay beyond the endless horizon of the expansive prairie that I was so familiar with. At college, I studied Russian and Biology and became fascinated with ecosystems, climate change, and the way of life in the Arctic.

As my plane was landing in Kangerlussuaq I was quite anxious for what was to come. It was a cold drizzly dreary day in Kangerlussuaq, normally the kind of day I would stay inside and wait for a new day to come. However, as I stared out that tiny plane window, I couldn’t believe how much beauty one place could have, especially surrounding an airport. And as if to increase my anticipation just a little bit more, my plane to Nuuk was delayed by about seven hours. So I went for a walk with one of my program leaders who had accompanied me to Greenland. At that time, I did not know much about the nature here, and was surprised to recognize a few similar plant species to the ones back home in Minnesota.

The majority of my time is spent helping as an English teaching assistant at GUX-Nuuk and Ilinniarfissuaq. In some classes I help with the lesson plans, while in others I help with conversational skills or serve as a cultural reference for my country. I think it is a lot of fun to work with all of the students and learn about the different backgrounds everyone comes from as well as share a piece of me and my home with them.

Over the last two months I have had the opportunity to go on boat trips and explore the fjord system, seeing whales and getting close to icebergs. I also had the chance to go with Ilinniarfissuaq on a trip up the Kobbefjord and while there learned about all the edible plants that grow here, including blueberries and blackberries. On this trip, I was able to get a glimpse into Greenlandic culture by enjoying cozy nights while everyone told stories and sang songs together. It was during this trip that I knew I wanted to learn as much Greenlandic as possible, even to be able to understand a few phrases.

While I have only been in Greenland for a short time, I recently had the opportunity to travel to Ittoqqortoormiit with a teacher from Ilinniarfissuaq and two of her research assistants. It was very enlightening to see a completely different side of Greenland and learn more about sled dogs and life in a more isolated town. One of the locals graciously invited us into her home for coffee and also took the time to take us on a tour of the town on her ATV. Something that I find special about Greenland is how willing people are to teach a stranger about their home. And while I do not speak Greenlandic or Danish, I find that most people are willing to try to communicate with me, no matter their level of English.

Since my arrival, even on such a gloomy day, I have felt welcome and at home. Greenland has taught me something new each and every day. Sometimes, as I walk down the streets and notice the stark color of the houses against the snow, I feel as though I’m living in a dream. I never could have imagined, even six months ago, that I would have the opportunity to spend almost a year in Greenland. While I still have another eight months here, it is all going by so quickly that I feel I must cherish every moment that I have. Greenland has given me so much so far and I can’t wait to share what I learn with everyone back home."

ETA programmi - atuaruk
Nutaamik suleqatigiissitaliortoqarpoq

Tallimanngornermi oktobarip 12-ianni 2018-imi inissitsiteriviusumik ataatsimeeqqaartoqarpoq ataatsimiititaliami nutaarluinnarmi nunatsinni ilinniarnertuunngorniarfinni sisamani rektoriusunit Ilisimatusarfimmilu rektorimit ilaasortaaffigineqartumi.

Ataatsimiititaliamit ilaatigut suliniutigineqassaaq ilinniarfinni aamma ilisimatuutut ineriartortitsinermilu suliniutigineqartuni suleqatigiinnerunissaq aammattaaq Ilisimatusarfiup GUX-illu akornanni attaveqarluarnerulernissaq sammisaqartitsinerit arlallit aqqutigalugit, soorlu ilinniartitsisut ilinniartullu paarlaateqatigiittarnerisigut.


Tikilluaqqusilluni oqalugiaat

Rektori Gitte Adler Reimer - tikilluaqqusilluni oqalugiaat

Ataatsimiinneq: Kalaallit Nunaat-EU


"Asasavut tamassi;

Kalaallit Nunaata EU-llu imminnut atassuteqarnerat pillugu ataatsimeersuarnermut tikilluaritsi – adjunktimit ph.d.-mit Rasmus Leanderimit Inuiaqatigiilerinermut Immikkoortortameersumit aamma Allan Olsenimit Greenland Perspective-imeersumit aaqqissugaavoq.

Siullermik aaqqissuussisut qutsavigerusuppakka Kalaallit Nunaata EU-llu imminnut atassuteqarnerat pillugu ataatsimeersuarneq pingaaruteqaqisoq pillugu. Aammattaaq pilersaarut assut soqutiginartoq imaqarluartorlu pillugu.

Immikkut tikilluaqqorusuppakka ataatsimeersuarnermi saqqummiussisussat tamaasa aamma Bruxelles-imi sinniisoqarfimmi pisortaasimasoq/-sut, maannalu pisortaasoq/-sut: Lars Vesterbirk, Lida Lennert aamma Mininnguaq Kleist.

Oqalugiaatinni aallarniutigisattut ullumi ataatsimeersuarneq pingaaruteqartorujussuuvoq – Kalaallit Nunaata EU-mut attaveqarnera oqaluttuarisaanermi aatsaat taama pingaaruteqartigiinnarani aammali ilinniarnermut aningaasaqarnermullu tunngatillugu Nunatsinnut pingaaruteqartorujussuuvoq.

Soorlu aaqqissuisunut ullumi erseqqissarluaraat BREXIT sioqquterujussuarlugu GRØXIT-eqarpoq – tassa imaappoq, Kalaallit Nunaat EF-imit anivoq februaarip 23-anni 1982-imi. Taamanikkut Namminersornerullutik Oqartussanit nunat allat pillugit politikkimi suliarineqartut annerit pingaarutillillu siullersaraat. Kalaallit Nunaata 1973-imi EF-imut pinngitsaalisaasumik ilaasortaanera Nunatta ullumikkut Namminersorlutik Oqartussaqarfeqalerneranik toqqaannanngitsumik kinguneqarpoq, aamma Kalaallit Nunaata ullumikkut pissutsini assigiinngitsorpassuarni inuiattut namminersortutut iliuuseqarsinnaaneranik kinguneqarpoq. Tamatuma kinguneranik inuiattut kinaassutsimik misigissuseq nukittorpoq nammineq suliassarisatsinnut tunngatillugu nammineq aalajangiisinnaatitaanerulertoqarmat."


Northern and Indigenous Health and Healthcare

A new, peer-reviewed, open access resource, Northern and Indigenous Health and Healthcare, has just been launched.

It is organized and edited by the University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Northern Nursing Education, and supported by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education; the University of Saskatchewan; UiT The Arctic University of Norway; and the Rebus Foundation.

The provision of Northern health care entails many unique challenges and circumstances that are rarely represented in mainstream health sciences education.

This OpenEd Resource provides accessible content on health and health care from a Northern perspective for the growing number of health professionals being educated in Northern communities.

The OpenEd Resource is divided into five themes:

  • Community Health in Northern and Indigenous Communities
  • Social Determinants and Structural Impacts on Northern and Indigenous Health
  • Culture and Health
  • Innovations in Northern Health Care
  • Professional Practice in Northern and Indigenous Communities

Atuisutta nittartakkatsinni website periarfissaq nutaaq takusinnaavaat: ilisimatuut saqqummersitaannik ujarlertoqarsinnaavoq.

Atuakkiortoq, qulequtaq, imarisaa ujarneqarsinnaapput.

Saqqummersitanut quppernerput nutarterneqartuarpoq - taamaattumik suliamut tunngasunut isumassarsiornissamut alakkaagit. 


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Ilisimatusarfimmi assigiinngitsunik aaqqissuussisarpugut - tamanut soqutiginaatillit.

Piffissami aggersumi soorlu, aaqqissuunneqassapput makku:

Ataatsimiinneq: Meeqqanik, inuusuttunik ilaqutariinnermillu qitiusumik
Oqalugiaat: Bistandsværgeordningen i Danmark og Grønland
Oqalugiaat: Når tingene bliver levende: 
Mirakler, visioner & materiel kultur i europæisk middelalder
Pulaarneq: GUX, Nuuk Ilisimatusarfimmut pulaassapput
Oqalugiaat: Livet - det dejligste eventyr. Kristendommen i H.C. Andersens forfatterskab
Ataatsimiinneq: Economics and development in microstates, islands, and the Arctic (30.11 - 03.12) (live-streaming on YouTube)

Nittartagarput website aqqutigalugu pisussat pereersullu atuarsinnaavatit.

Ilisimatusarfik.ilisimatuumik ujarlerneq


Immikkut ilisimasalimmik amigaateqarpit - assersuutigalugu ilanngutassiassamut imaluunniit assigisaanut?

Taamaappat ikiortissaq qujanartumik uaneralaannguamiippoq - s.i.:

Sociale læringsprocesser
Ikiuisarnermut politikki
Inunnik isumagininnermi siunnersortit suliassaqarfii
Isumaginninnermut siunnersorti
Socialt netværk
Nammineq pisanik pilersorneq

Nittartagarput website aqqutigalugu nalunaarsuutinik peqarpugut, ilisimatuunik assigiinngitsunik immikkut ilisimasalinni ujarlernissamut periarfissalik.

Ilisimatusarfik.ilisimatuutut misissuinerit

Campus Gul

Ilisimatusarfimmi ilisimatuutut misissuinerit assigiinngitsorpassuit paasisaqarfigikkit - s.i.:

Issittumi utoqqalineq
Issittumi uuliamik gassimillu imm.
Greenland Perspective
Kalaallit Nunaat-EU
Kalaallit Nunaanni peqqissusermik ilisimatusarfik
Kalaallit Nunaanni tusagassiuutinik misissuineq
Maritime Preparedness and International Partnership in the High North
Qimmeq - qimuttup tarninganik paasiniaaneq
Rockwell Kent

Atuaruk ..



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