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Visit from Taiwan


In association with the upcoming conference on Indigenous Resources: Decolonization and Development, University of Greenland will be getting a visit from a delegation from a group of indigenous people's researchers and activists from Taiwan.

At 09.00 - 11.00 on Tuesday, 29 September in the auditorium, the group will give a presentation on the history of Japanese and Chinese colonisation in Taiwan, followed by introductions to the cultures and lifestyles of the Tau, Tayal, and Cou peoples - some of the indigenous tribes of Taiwan.

These presentations will be followed by a group discussion on indigenous rights, economics, and politics. One member of the group, Syaman Rapongan, is a well-known author representing the Tau of Orchid Island, a traditional fishing culture.

Any interested individuals are welcome to attend.


When: 29 September at 09.00 - 11.00

Where: auditorium at Ilimmarfik

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