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Offentligt foredrag: "Stars and Dust"


Foredraget er på engelsk
- alle er velkomne

Afdeling for Sprog, Litteratur & Medier inviterer til offentligt foredrag med David Field fra University of Aarhus, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy om: "Stars and Dust".

  • Let’s connect to the Universe ..
  • What is the relation between Earth and the stars and galaxies?
  • How can we view our place in the cosmos and how can astronomy help us to understand this?

First, I can tell you what the world’s largest telescopes display to us. Then I will show how we can relate the smallest things in the Universe, electrons, atoms and molecules, to the stars and how we can do experiments in the laboratory which help to reveal how stars may form.

There will be magnetic fields, supernovae, turbulence in this mix of ideas.

Do not expect Nature to be simple but I will try to assemble some pieces of the puzzle.

  • Hvor: auditoriet på Ilisimatusarfik campus Ilimmarfik
  • Hvornår: torsdag d. 15. marts, kl. 19.30

Foredraget vil være på engelsk - men med Powerpoints.

Efter foredraget vil der være kaffe/te og kage – og tid til spørgsmål og diskussion.

Alle er velkomne.


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