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Tusagassiuutit 2018 - en kortlægning af de grønlandske medier

Første del af rapporten beskriver det grønlandske medielandskab, og giver et billede af de nyheds ... Atuaruk

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Tusagassiuutit 2018 - Kalaallit Nunaanni tusagassiuutinik misissuineq

Nalunaarusiap immikkoortuani siullermi Kalaallit Nunaanni tusagassiuuteqarnerup qanoq issusia oqa ... Atuaruk

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Journalistik i små samfund: Et studie af journalistisk praksis på grønlandske nyhedsmedier

Little research has been conducted to examine Greenlandic media and journalism. This thesis initi ... Atuaruk

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Bourdieu in Greenland Elaborating the Field Dependencies of Post-colonial Journalism

The scarcely populated island of Greenland offers a unique opportunity both to study the complex ... Atuaruk