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Better understanding of food and human microbiomes through collaborative research on Inuit fermented foods

Reports on fermented, animal-sourced foods made by Inuit around the circumpolar North have lacked ... Atuaruk

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Inuit Fermentation: Animal-Based & Archaic

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The genetic history of Greenlandic-European contact

The Inuit ancestors of the Greenlandic people arrived in Greenland close to 1,000 years ago.1 Sin ... Atuaruk

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The role of a traditional and western diet on glucose homeostasis in Greenlandic Inuit carriers and non-carriers of type 2 diabetes variant in the TBC1D4 gene: A protocol for a randomized clinical trial

The lifestyle of Inuit in Greenland and worldwide is undergoing a transition from a fisher-hunter ... Atuaruk

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