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Kortlægning af rygestoptilbud: Undersøgelse af borgernes adgang til rygestop i kommuner og sundhedsvæsenet i Grønland

Undersøgelsens formål er at få et tydeligt overblik over, i hvilket omfang borgerne i Grønland (b ... Atuaruk

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Measuring social inequality in health amongst indigenous peoples in the Arctic. A comparison of different indicators of social disparity among the Inuit in Greenland

The purpose of the article is to compare different indicators of social position as measures of s ... Atuaruk

Research | Forskning - peer review > Article | Artikel
Three lifestyle-related issues of major significance for public health among the Inuit in contemporary Greenland: a review of adverse childhood conditions, obesity, and smoking in a period of social transition

Greenland is a country in transition from a colonial past with subsistence hunting and fishing to ... Atuaruk