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Equality in Isolated Labour Markets: Equal opportunities for men and women in geographically isolated labour markets in Læsø (DK), Suðuroy (FO), and Narsaq (GL)

This report details the findings of the EQUIL project: Equality in Isolated Areas. The project fo ... Atuaruk

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Arctic Governance in a Changing World

This comprehensive text explains the relationship between the Arctic and the wider world through ... Atuaruk

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Inklusion i børnehøjde - Børneperspektiver på læring og trivsel

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Collaboration, Dialogue and Trust

Thanks to everyone in the towns and villages of Greenland we have visited from 2015-2019. It is t ... Atuaruk

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Nappaateqarluni ulluinnarni inuuneq – Kalaallit Nunaanni peqqissutsikkut sullisseriaaseq pillugu napparsimasut kulturi aallaavigalugu isumaat

Naak peqqinneq WHO-p peqqinnermi isumasiuutaani ’inuunerinneq’ inuiaqatigiilerinermi isumasiutaas ... Atuaruk