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Hjalte Erichsen Larsen

Hjalte Erichsen Larsen

Nakorsaq, ph.d.-ilinniartoq


Oq.toqq.: +299 22 69 63


In September 2020, Hjalte started a 3-year PhD, enrolled at the university of Greenland Ilisimartusarfik. The PhD project is about Heart Failure among the Greenlandic population. It has been a clinical perception that Heart Failure is the cause for many admissions and that the age at diagnosis is lower than expected. The project consists of 2 register studies and 1 clinical study. The register studies will investigate the development of the incidence of cardiovascular disease since 1987, based on diagnosis from the electronical medical journal and the national patient register. And secondly investigate the prevalence of heart failure in 2020, based on registered diagnosis or received medical treatment. The clinical study is planned as a Genome-Wide Association Study including patients with non-ischemic heart failure compared to genomes from people without heart failure.

Hjalte has been working at the Medical Department at Queen Ingrids Hospital in Nuuk since December 2018. The employment is divided between Ilisimartusarfik and the medical department at Queen Ingrids Hospital.

Supervisors: Marit Eika Jørgensen & Michael Lynge Pedersen.