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Nils Skovgaard

Nils Skovgaard


Kalaallit Nunaanni Peqqissusermik Ilisimatusarfik



Nils Skovgaard currently works in the Greenlandic health care system as a health care analyst and statistician, analyzing outcomes of the former and current health care data registration. His primary assignments include handling day-to-day requests for data on the current clinical processes, sustainable development of the data structure and larger analytic reports reflecting the current medical trends in the Greenlandic population. Nils has lived in Nuuk for 3 years with his Greenlandic wife and two kids relocating to Greenland after finishing his PhD at University of Copenhagen. Nils has a master and a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from Denmark and USA and worked prior to his employment in Greenland with point-of-care diagnostic devices and systems biology. During his time in Greenland Nils has been involved with various research projects aiming to provide a better understanding of the health care quality in Greenland and to uncover environmental influences on the health in Greenland. He is also a frequent presenter on the use of statistical feedback as support for improvements of the health care quality in Greenland at various events including Nunamed and ICCH.