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Ebbe Volquardsen

Kulturimik, Oqaatsinik Oqaluttuarisaanermillu Ilisimatusarfik
Inuiaat Kulturiannut Oqaluttuarisaanerannullu Immikkoortortaq
Ilimmarfik, Manutooq 1 
Postboksi 1061 
3900 Nuuk
Oq.toqq.: +299 38 56 77
Ini: C237

Ebbe Volquardsen is an Associate Professor of Cultural History and has since 2017 been chairing the Department of Social and Cultural History at Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland.

With an academic background in cultural anthropology, Scandinavian studies, and political science, his work represents an interdisciplinary approach. He has for more than a decade been working on the cultural history of Greenland and enduring colonial legacies in its relationship with Denmark, including analyses of historiography, internal and external representations in literature, film, and arts, public discourse, and more recent political implications. His research interests include images of Nordic colonialism in the North Atlantic and in the Global South as part of a more general figure of thought that generates narratives of exceptionality. Furthermore, he has been focusing on politics of remembrance, nationalism, processes of political and mental decolonization and reconciliation, and imperialism’s aftermaths in both the former colony and the former metropolis. His research and teaching are informed by memory studies, cultural studies, postcolonialism and critical race studies as well as by theories about affect and gender. He teaches classes and supervises projects within the fields of anthropology, cultural history, literature, and cultural studies and thereby advocates a »history-from-below«-approach to counteract historiographical bias.

Ebbe Volquardsen is originally from the German side of the Danish-German border region. He publishes and lectures in Danish, English, and German, and has previously taught at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the University of Cologne, and the University of Greifswald.