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Gestur Hovgaard

Inuiaqatigiilerinermik, Aningaasaqarnermik Tusagassiornermillu Ilisimatusarfik
Issittumi Inuiaqatigiilerinermik Aningaasaqarnermillu Ilisimatusarnermut Immikkoortortaq
Ilimmarfik, Manutooq 1 
Postboksi 1061 
3900 Nuuk
Oq.toqq.: +299 38 56 72
Ini: C217

I have a Ph.D. in economic sociology from Roskilde University. Moreover, I have many years of research and teaching experience from Roskilde and the University of the Faroe Islands. Since 2017, I have been employed as the Institute Leader of the Department of Society, Economics and Journalism at Ilisimatusarfik.

My research is based on a problem-oriented and interdisciplinary social science approach with a focus on the complex interplay between people and institutions' simultaneity of anchoring and change. This approach is reflected in contextual and practice-oriented studies of a social-historical nature as well as studies that have both a contemporary and forward-looking perspective on development potentials and planning processes in local communities as well as in institutions and especially in the interaction between these. My studies are therefore rooted in a broad field of community planning that include innovation, entrepreneurship, local and regional development, urban development, business development and mobility.

Empirically, I have an interest in concrete planning processes in local communities and central community organizations, with a clear focus on the Nordic region and the Arctic areas. This is currently reflected in mainly three research projects, one of which is the special challenges that small and peripheral universities have with educational planning. Including the opportunities for interdisciplinary and problem-oriented learning in ongoing dialogue with the surrounding community. Another area dates back to my PhD studies, namely the development and potentials of coastal communities, where I work with a team of Nordic researchers on sustainable value chains in Nordic fishing communities. In addition, my research includes socio-economic - including historical - studies of the market society's entry and development in Nordic peripheral areas.