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Nick Duelund

Nakorsaq, ph.d.-ilinniartoq
Peqqissaanermik Pinngortitamillu Ilisimatusarfik
Ilimmarfik, Manutooq 1 
Postboksi 1061 
3900 Nuuk
Oq.toqq.: +299 27 74 14

Nick Duelund is a Medical Doctor and was double enrolled as a PhD-student in June 2021 at Ilisimatusarfik and University of Copenhagen. The PhD-project is entitled “Vision Screening in Greenlandic Children”. Currently we have no records of how many children in Greenland that have vision problems. Nick will examine the prevalence of vision problems with two cross-sectional studies: one among 6-year-old school children and one among 4-year-old children. He will also try out different screening methods for vision problems to determine which method is useful in Greenland where you must account for large distances and a minimum of training for the person conducting the screening. The participation rate of the current vision screening programme for preschool children is very low. Hence, the project will examine if it is possible to screen the children at the kindergarten. That way the participation rate is expected to be must higher.